In other links…

Borrowing from other blogs I follow (see Cool Links), each week (let’s say Fridays?) I’ll try to post a round-up of links I like – things that catch my eye, blow my mind or just make me laugh.

Here’s my roundup for this week:

  •  The entire Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment Report….in 19 illustrated haiku! Will the scientist storytellers please stand up? We desperately need more of you.
  • Speaking of the devil, here’s a great article about how scientists (and all policymakers dealing with complex issues) need to overcome the problem of “storyphobia” and incorporate narrative structure into their communication endeavors – from a storytelling scientist himself!
  • If you haven’t heard already (it’s been all over the news), a new report shows that poor countries are losing $1 trillion a year to illicit capital flows – 7 times the volume of aid. Who’s financing whom here?

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